Van Staveren Real Estate handles the rental and lease of private and business premises. We will find a suitable property for you. We have both unfurnished and furnished premises in our extensive selection. For companies in Amsterdam and its area and we offer a range of commercial spaces, offices, business premises and garages. Or, you can register your own vacant space to be mediated by us.


Do you want to rent a private property or business premises in Amsterdam or in the area? We will keep you informed about our offers and accompany you to the visit to the property. We will enlighten you about the constructional, legal, financial and personal elements to consider. Here, your interests as a tenant are of great importance. The essential question is to define is your purpose of renting. We will then advise you on the negotiation strategy.

Each object requires a specific rental agreement, in which the rights and responsibilities are clearly defined by the parties’ involved. Aside from our advisory and intermediary role, we will take a lot of work off your hands.


With our years of experience in the field of letting and management we make a good partner for renting out your property. We will take notes of the object, determine the rental value and advise you on the rental fees. Then we will look for suitable tenants and handle the negotiation talks for you.

Finally, we will draft an impeccable lease contract. At this stage, we are managing all the contact with the tenant. You can also choose to assign the management of the property entirely to us. This way you can spare a lot of time and effort.Valuations

As a NVM real estate broker we are an accredited appraiser in real estate matters. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience we valuate both commercial and private rental properties. Not only private property, but also shops, offices and industrial lots. A valuation report is also a good basis for asking the rental charge.