Is it about time to sell your property? With a good mediator you will achieve the best results and the highest benefits. With our extensive experience in the matter we are your ideal broker in Amsterdam and its surrounding area. Van Staveren will guide you from the initial interview all the way to the final signature from your property’s buyer.


Selling a house or a premise is a complicated process. First, it is important to understand the market value. We are experts in the field of property valuation. Your wishes will be playing a key role in this. Are you looking for a quick sale? Or do you wish to go for a maximum profit and take your time? Naturally, if this is the case, you can start by asking a higher price.

An inventory of the state of your property is crucial for effective sales. Perhaps your property has aspects that will raise the asking price? As a real estate broker van Staveren specializes in providing the preliminary research. That means that together with you and the Land Registry, the municipality, the environmental and the property filing system we shall determine the promotion activities.

Through our vast network and outstanding reputation, we are attracting a lot of interesting buyers. Because of this overwhelming selection, you will also have a lot to choose from, which makes it more likely for you to have a financially successful sale. What is more, we will take the burden of consultations and mediation from your shoulders. Because of our marvelous promos, our marketing is catchy and effective.

We will also offer the potential buyers more insight into the benefits of settling into your neighborhood and municipality.

During the viewings the potentially interested parties are shown around at your property. Our real estate agents are salespeople and familiar with the candidates and can inform them about the advantages of your property. Throughout the negotiation talks we will consult with you about the situation so that you can count on the best possible sales results. At the end of the process, we will draft a comprehensive document in collaboration with a notary. Even after the transfer of your property has been concluded, we are ready for any further advice and service.

Congratulations on the successful sale of your home or property!